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I am an academic librarian and adult educator...


...with over ten years of experience in planning, designing, delivering, and evaluating learning opportunities, using a wide range of educational technologies. I have demonstrated expertise in leading projects, building strong relationships with stakeholders and co-workers, and developing innovative approaches to services, teaching, community engagement, and strategic planning. I believe strongly in the power of libraries to change lives, both in the classroom and long after formal studies end.


Master of Adult Education

University of Regina - Graduated: 2013

Focused on innovations in open, online, and distance education.

Master of Library and Information Studies

University of British Columbia - Graduated: 2002

Focused on the development of user-centred service and learning opportunities in academic libraries.

Bachelor of Arts

Simon Fraser University - Graduated: 1990

Focused on major international development issues and trends in Latin America.


My recent professional experience includes the following:

Public Knowledge Project, Simon Fraser University

Associate Director for Community Engagement & Learning

Serve as a member of the Project’s strategic leadership team, working in areas of organizational development, financial sustainability, transparent and participatory governance, and continuous innovation; Lead the planning, developing, delivering, and evaluating of learning opportunities for the Public Knowledge Project’s global community and direct the PKP School for new scholarly editors and editorial staff; Develop strong, effective community relationships through strategic marketing and communication activities.

Simon Fraser University Library

Head of Digital Publishing

Lead library and technology staff to develop user-centered publishing services and co-create, alongside faculty and students, innovative digital collections in support of SFU's programs and the SFU Library's strategic priorities.

School of Library, Archival & Information Studies, UBC

Adjunct Faculty

Developed and taught the School’s first Massive, Open, Online Course on issues and trends in openness in libraries, using the OpenEdX learning management platform.


The following are a list of my publications.

Maggio, L. and Stranack, K. (2017). Open Access: What it Means for your Article. Academic Medicine. In Production.

Alperin, J.P., Stranack, K., & Garnett, A. (2016). On the Peripheries of Scholarly Infrastructure: A Look at the Journals Using Open Journal Systems. In Rafols, I., Molas-Gallart, J., Castro-Martínez, E., & Woolley, R. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators.

Maggio, L., Stranack, K., and Saltarelli, A. (2016). Crowdsourcing the Curriculum: A MOOC for Personalized, Connected Learning. Educause Review.

MacGregor, J., Meijer-Kline, K., Owen, B., Stranack, K., and Willinsky, J. (2013). The Public Knowledge Project: Open Source e-Publishing Services for Your Library. In A. P. Brown (Ed.), Library Publishing Toolkit. Geneseo, IDS Project Press.

MacGregor, J., Stranack, K., and Willinsky, J. (2013). The Public Knowledge Project’s Open Source Tools for Open Access. In S. Bartling & S. Friesike (Eds.), Opening Science: How Science 2.0 is Changing Research, Scientific Collaboration and Publishing. New York, Springer.

Stranack, K. (2012). The Connected Librarian: Using Social Media for “Do It Yourself” Professional Development. Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research 7 (1).

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Stranack, K. (2010). The Public Knowledge Project: Expanding the Scholarly Conversation Around the World. INASP Newsletter 43, Winter 2010.

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Stranack, K. (2006). CUFTS: An Open Source Alternative for Serials Management. Serials Librarian 51 (2), 29 – 40.

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Stranack, K. (2003). Teaching, Technology and Learning in the Distance Library. Teaching and Learning Bridges 2 (1).


The following are a selected list of my presentations.

“Library as Publisher Workshop”. Open Access Symposium, Cape Town, South Africa, December 2016.

“Open Access Publishing with OJS 3”. Publishing Symposium. UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico.

“OJS 3.0 and OMP 1.2: The Latest in Open Source Software and Services for Academia-Controlled Publishing”. Access Conference, Fredericton, NB, October 2016.

“Sustaining Library Publishing Through Multi-stakeholder Cooperatives”. Libraries as Publishers: Building a Global Community - IFLA 2016 Satellite Meeting, Ann Arbor, MI, August 2016.

“Sustaining Open Access”. Open Access Symposium, Denton, TX, May 2016 (panel).

“The Global Open Textbook Co-operative Project: New Ways to Support International Perspectives on Learning”. Library Publishing Forum, Denton, TX, May 2016.

“OJS 3.0 and OMP 1.2: The Latest in Open Source Software for Library Publishing”, Library Publishing Forum, Denton, TX, May 2016.

“Reclaiming What is Ours: Transforming Ownership and Control over Scholarly Communications through a Canadian Publishing Co-operative”. BCLA Conference, Richmond, BC, April 2016 (panel).

“Starting a Textbook Revolution: Project Partners On and Beyond Your Campus”. Coalition for Networked Information Spring Meeting, San Antonio, TX, April 2016 (panel).

“Open Knowledge: A MOOCish Experiment in Creative Communities and Library Education”. BCLA Conference, Richmond, BC, May 2015 (panel).

“Changing the Global Course of Learning”. Open Education Conference, Washington, DC, November 2014 (panel).

“Student Publishing: Why Student Journals Matter and How to Get Started”. SFU Library Open Access Week, Burnaby, BC, October 2014 (panel).

“Leadership Beyond the Job Title: Join the Conversation”. BCLA Conference, Vancouver, BC, April 2014.

“The Scholarly Publishing Education Project: Building the Capacity of Open Publishers”. Fourth PKP International Scholarly Publishing Conference, Mexico City, Mexico, August 2013.

“Publishing Journals using Open Journal Systems”. Berlin 10 Open Access Conference, Stellenbosch, South Africa, November 2012.

“Massive! Open! Online! Understanding MOOCs and Their Impact on Library Instruction and Services”. WILU Conference, Edmonton, AB, May 2012.

“Open Access for Open Learning”, BCLA Conference, Richmond, BC, May 2012 (panel).

“Open Content, Experiential Learning, and Online Community-building”. Open Education Conference, Park City, UT, October 2011.

“Open Source for Library Decision Makers”. Access Conference, Vancouver, BC, October 2011 (panel).

“Scholarly Society Journals in Transition to Open Access”. Conference of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association, Tallinn, Estonia, September 2011 (panel).

“Checking Under the Hood: Why Open Source Might be Right for your Library”, Ontario Library Association Super Conference, Toronto, ON, January 2009.

“Scholarly Publishing Models and Praxis: The Public Knowledge Project and Open Journal Systems”, Globalization and the Management of Information Resources Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, November 2008 (panel).

“Open Journal Systems Workshop”, Using Open Access Models for Science Dissemination Conference, Trieste, Italy, July 2008.

“Open Journal Systems Workshop: Working with Different Editorial and Economic Models”, Electronic Publishing Conference, Toronto, ON, June 2008 (panel).

“Confronting the Crisis in Scholarly Publishing: Libraries and the Public Knowledge Project”, Canadian Library Association Conference, Vancouver, BC, May 2008.

“The Public Knowledge Project and the Transformation of Scholarly Communication”, Open Access Collections Conference, Brisbane, Australia, February 2008.

“Reinventing the Journal under Open Access”. Charleston Library Conference, Charleston, SC, November 2007 (panel).

“The Power of Community Participation in Open Source Software Development”. Access Conference, Victoria, BC, October 2007 (panel).

“Open Source Software at SFU”, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark, December 2005.

“Getting Better Results: Federated Searching in the Virtual Library”, Canadian Association for Distance Education Conference, Simon Fraser University, May 2005.

“Incorporating Library Instruction in your Online Course”. Symposium on Teaching with Technology, University of Saskatchewan, May 2003 (panel).


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